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Scott Ginsberg
has been internationally recognized as "The World's Expert On Nametags" and "The Authority on Approachability." He's frequently interviewed by various online, print, radio and TV media for his unique expertise.

He has been featured in hundreds of media outlets such as 20/20, CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, FastCompany, Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, Paul Harvey, The CBS Early Show and Headline News.

For Press Inquiries, call 314/256-1800 or email scott@hellomynameisscott.com.

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  • Great Day St. Louis Features "The Approachable Leader! (2/2/10)
  • The Central Valley Business Times Interviews Scott! (12/2/09)
  • Australia's Today Show follows Scott around Brisbane! (8/9/09)
  • Business Management Daily features Scott's new book! (6/17/09)
  • The Kansas City Star reviews one of Scott's speeches! (6/17/09)
  • The Associated Press interviews Scott about hireability! (6/9/09)
  • The Associated Press interviews Scott about his new book! (2/6/09)
  • Scott Celebrates 3,000 Days of Wearing a Nametag! (1/28/09)
  • NBC Stops By Nametag Headquarters! (1/22/09)
  • Scott is quoted on San Antonio's 210 Online (12/22/08)
  • Scott is quoted on MSNBC and Entrepreneur Mag (11/8/08)
  • Scott is recognized as a Top Entrepreneur by STL Small Biz Monthly! (7/1/08)
  • Scott launches his Online Training Network, NametagTV.com! (2/5/08)
  • Scott is featured in St. Louis Magazine! (1/1/08)
  • Scott is featured in Positive Thinking Magazine! (11/1/07)
  • Scott's is recognized as #39 on Top 100 Business Blogs on the Web (10/4/07)
  • Scott's nametag tattoo voted on Rank My Tattoo! (9/14/07)
  • Scott is featured in REDBOOK Magazine! (8/31/07)
  • Scott is featured on 20/20! (6/15/07)
  • Scott is featured in the Sioux Falls Business Journal! (5/24/07)
  • Scott flashes the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (2/7/07)
  • Scott is featured on NBC! (2/7/07)
  • Scott is featured on the cover of ASAE's Associations Now (5/26/06)
  • Scott is quoted in FastCompany (4/26/06)
  • Scott celebrates Day 2000 of Wearing a Nametag! (4/24/06)
  • Scott is featured in the Wall Street Journal (2/18/06)
  • Scott writes a quiz for Cosmo Magazine! (1/1/06)
  • Scott is featured in the Associated Press (1/18/06)
  • Scott is featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not (11/29/06)
  • Scott celebrates his 5 Year Nametag Anniversary (11/2/05)
  • Scott gets the official Nametag Tattoo (11/2/05)

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  • Page 23 of Ripley's Believe It Or Not
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