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Audience Testimonials

"Scott spoke to our employees during our General Meeting regarding using the guests' names, and those meetings combined with our internal efforts resulted in a 75% score for our service essentials on our most recent evaluation. We are now in the top 3 in the company for in 2005!"
HR Director, Hyatt Regency St. Louis

"If you have not had the opportunity to hear The Nametag Guy, you're missing a good one. This young, energetic speaker is more than motivational, if fact, he's not. He gives practical, useful tips about networking, branding, breaking the ice, sincerity - and does it in a pleasant, humorous style that everyone at our recent regional meeting enjoyed."
Board Memeber, Meeting Planners International, Indiana Chapter

"The board president mentioned just TWO speakers that made an impact on him out of ALL the seven district conferences he attended last fall - and one of them was Scott."
Chapter President, National Council for Marketing and Public Relations

Scott’s message was invaluable. His practical tips on communication, networking and branding were so insightful, simple and important, that attendees were able to take ideas from the program and start utilizing them immediately! Consultants, managers and owners of recruiting and staffing firms throughout the St. Louis area rated The Nametag Guy as the #1 speaker of the year!"
President, Missouri Association of Personnel & Staffing Services

"Your presentation changed my life. I am serious. It got me thinking in all kinds of new ways!"
Marketing Director, Cooper Katz

"YOU WERE FABULOUS! The Distributors LOVED you! They said out of all of the speakers that were there YOU were the one that impacted them the most and gave them the information they needed to be successful. Thank you so much!!"
Communications Director, Legacy for Life

"I was blown away by Scott's speech on approachability. He was polished and tight and the program was educational, fun and interesting. His speech was the high point of the conference because of his simple, easily adaptable message and the way he delivered it. Out of 60+ speakers, his program was one of the best!"
President, Word of Mouth Marketing Association

"Wonderful! I still heard people talking about the ideas they learned from Scott's program all afternoon...his success story was not only inspiring, but made me think differently about how I communicate with my clients!"
Meeting Coordinator, Prudential Financial

"Scott's workshop seamlessly blended his expertise on approachability with the key principles of law practice...he kept our attention for 3 hours!"
Blumenfeld, Kaplan & Sandweiss Attorneys at Law

"When I met Scott before the speech I wondered how a man so young could teach me anything. Now, after hearing him talk, I've become an amazing networker!"
President, St. Louis Attractions Association

"Scott's presentation was a great success for our staff meeting and the chapter AYP conference. 90% of our staff meeting participants and 84% of our conference participants rated him as excellent or WOW! The participants learned ideas that were relevant, practical, and easy to apply back at their YMCA."
Director, YMCA of Greater St. Louis/Association of YMCA Professionals

"All of the agents loved hearing Scott speak at our montly sales rally. We'll never go to work without our nametags again!"
Sales Manager, Coldwell Banker Gundaker Realty

"I've been coming to these association conferences for 30 years, and Scott was one of the best speakers I've ever seen."
Conference Coordinator, International Association of Workforce Professionals

"You presentation at our 2004 Conference was awesome! All feedback from our members was positive. Excellent job!"
Conference Planner, The Boeing Company, Inc.

"I was amazed at the Scott's innovative and inspired program. Our overall score was 92% - this is the highest score EVER for the Staff Development Meeting!"
Meetings Director, United States Tennis Association

"All 40 of the kids LOVED Scott! Even during a 3+ hour workshop, they hung on his every word. And every student agreed that Scott should come back next year."
President, YPO's Junior Leadership University

"After Scott spoke at our city-wide Hospitality Conference, our team accentuated their approach to connecting with churchgoers. Scott's 'front porch' concept was just what we needed!"
Head Pastor, United Methodist Church of the Shepherd

"Scott's technique, 'word ownership' is now part of my company's marketing strategy!"
Director, Remodelers Advantage

“Scott was an excellent addition to the kick off program we planned for Parkway Northeast Middle. Both teachers and students appreciated his energy, his humor and his message. But perhaps what is amazing about Scott is that he walks his talk. Scott is approachable. Scott is sincere. Scott is intelligent and accessible.”
Principal, Parkway Northeast Middle

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