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Why Meeting Planners Choose Scott

10. Expertise. There are 5000+ professional speakers in the world, of which there are hundreds of experts on sales, customer service, performance and leadership. Scott is the only speaker whose expertise is in the areas of approachability, being "that guy" and making a name for yourself.

9. Freshness. Interpersonal communication is a topic that's been done to death, but Scott gives it life! He IS NOT the next Dale Carnegie or the next Jerry Seinfeld. In fact, he's not the next ANYBODY - he's just Scott. That's it.

8. Longevity. With Scott, the speech is only the beginning. He stays afterward to answer questions and stays in contact for follow up with the client beyond the platform.

7. Fun! Past clients have raved about the level of excitement Scott brings to the stage. Also, thousands of audience members will agree that Scott is, in fact, hilarious. To see what audience members are saying, click here.

6. Adaptation. Scott will arrive early - even an entire day - to learn about the audience, the environment and how to adapt his program to your venue.

5. Congruency. There is no difference between Scott’s life and Scott's work - both are a manifestation of his passion: connecting people one conversation at a time.

4. Originality of content. No old jokes, overused stories or examples. Every one of Scott's systems is 100% original material based on years of personal experience combined with field and textual research.

3. Integrity. Because Scott works with companies and organizations who want to be more approachable, he too is approachable. If you need to contact him, he will be extremely easy and accessible to get in touch with. If you email him, he'll call you back that minute. And if you call him, he might show up at your office.

2. Added Value. If you book Scott, you book a speaker AND a writer. As an author, columnist and storyteller, Scott will write customized articles for your publication or newsletter with great stories and tips that will go the extra mile for your audience members far beyond the platform.

1. Memorable presence. Your audiences aren't expected to remember every word from every speaker they ever heard. And there's the difference - Scott's audiences always agree on one thing: they never forget their experience!

All of Scott's programs for associations, companies, faith communities, and schools are available as keynote, break-out, half day or full day modules. For fee schedules or to book Scott for your next association conference, company meeting or corporate event, click here!
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